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Why I Wanted To Become A Priest

Xanti Liboro

When I was little, I initially wanted to become a soldier. But my parents say that if I become one, I would never see them again. So I had to think of another idea.

One day, my family and I went to Bagac, Bataan to attend a wedding. Later in the ceremony, it was time for everyone to recite the Nicene Creed. As soon as everyone finished reciting, the Lector accidentally made a mistake by saying: “confess one baptism and the life of the world to come.” I heard it with my own ears and whispered to my dad about it.

Ever since that happened, I finally thought of my other idea, becoming a priest. The reason why I want to become a priest is because Pope Francis is my idol. He does papal visits and he thinks about people who are in need. He even once said: “Jesus will never let you down.” I also like to become one because I’m fascinated about the architecture of old churches and a fan of religious songs.

However, being a priest can be quite a challenge. First, I have to be a deacon, which is a new recruit. Second, I need to eat what’s on their menu and not buy food outside often. And lastly, going to mass everyday is a must, not unless if you’re tired. I had to think of it first.

I always ask in my mind, “Can I do it? Am I ready to become a priest?”

Luckily, my parents said that I can get other jobs before entering the seminary. I can be an architect or archeologist.

The reason why I want to become an archeologist is that so I can examine ancient artifacts.

On the other hand however, I want to be an architect because I like to build churches, convents, and other buildings just like Jose Maria Zaragoza, who is a famous architect that built commercial structures but mostly interested in religious architecture.

These are the jobs I can get before devoting myself to God. Because if I enter early, I’ll miss my parents and I would only get to see them once or twice a year.

But I will never forget my motto: “God will never give up.”

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The day I first played Minecraft

AJ Pauig

The first time I played Minecraft was when I got my first iPad when I was 8. I was so happy to finally be able to play the most talked about game of the century. I didn't hesitate to start playing as soon as it finished downloading. 98...99...100! I was not even talking to anyone once I started playing. I made a house, then a village, then a town, then a city! Then it got to the point where the city was so big that I can't even remember where my own house was!

Now at first Minecraft for the mobile was free. I just kept having fun. Then came the day when I updated the game and I HAD to play for it!! I asked my mom if I can buy it but she didn't let me at first. She eventually let me buy it and I was so happy because I was finally playing the game to it's full potential! I've been playing Minecraft ever since.

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Xanti Liboro

It started when I was about four or five years old. I was playing with a bunch of toys and saw an oddly-shaped toy in the box. I started to wonder what it is.. Until I watched some movies and discovered that it was a helicopter!

I like helicopters because of their look and their purpose. But I didn’t like the ones with a short rotor (A rotor is the spinning part of the heli connected to its engine to make it fly ) because for me, it doesn’t look good.

I would still remember me buying plastic soldiers in bags and I would check inside to see if there’s a helicopter included in the set. If it’s inside, I would buy it. (Except if the rotor is short)

After many years of collecting these cheap soldiers in bags, I moved on to collecting ‘realistic’ helicopter models. It all started when my mom told me about this ‘secret’ toy store that they went to. It’s located at the 3rd floor of V- Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center. When I went inside the shop, I was astonished! It is full of replicas of real helicopters, ships, tanks, and even planes.

Like collecting soldiers, I play with them even if it’s a collectible and can’t be used as a toy. But I broke most of them and I would cry and beg my parents to buy a new one. Since this kept happening, I stopped collecting. (But I have plans with my dad and I building one of those models in the later months.) Instead, I would mimic the sounds. From takeoff to landing or crashing to the ground.

It was good times.

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My Interest Sparks

Viggo Sarmago

It was May 2013. I sat on my chair and turned on the PC. When it turned on, a miracle happened. I was a curious boy so, I usually try researching the definition of some words. I researched the following: scratch, miracle and hyperbole for my “diary.” I searched miracle, then hyperbole, then scratch.

When I typed in “scratch,” instead of seeing the definition, I saw the website called: “” I clicked it like I was being chased by monsters and the only way to make them go away was to press the link, and so I did. Then, I saw the website… it was so glorious that it was like getting your favorite toy nerf but no matter how glorious it looks, I asked myself: “what on Earth is this…thing?”

I asked my dad where I can sign in the website and so, my dad helped me sign in (my name was “ViggoisAwesome” by the way). After my helped me sign in, I clicked create and, well, after that I…felt like I was stuck in a maze. All I saw was a screen, digital “Lego blocks” and a space where I assumed was to but the blocks at. I was losing interest, IT LOOKED SO BORING! I didn’t even want to check it out or try it. I just simply did not know what to do.

June 2013

School time! I was eager to know what my occupations (a subject for doing other things besides our academics) classes were. I wasn’t expecting it to be programming (since our last occupations class was clay modelling). Our teacher for occupations was talking about “scratch” as our software for programming but, I’ve forgotten everything about “scratch” at this point. Scratch got lost in the void of emptiness. We were assigned in groups and we were going make a game.

After I heard that we were going to make games, I felt like I had an adrenaline rush! Me? Making a game!? I was looking forward to it.

We went to the computer lab, I turned on the laptop and went to scratch. Then in that moment, memories of scratch were flooding back, and fast! Then teacher introduced us and taught us how to use this website. Then I’ve finally remembered all about it.

“Now that I know what to use this for, this will be an amazing experience for me”, I said so sincerely.

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First Time in Raya

Viggo Sarmago

“Breathe in, breathe out” I told myself. It was the first time I was this nervous. “Where we goin’ again?” I said nervously. “To your new school” Dad said. My heart was trembling. We went in the car and drove off…

“It’s ok Viggo, no one will hurt you” I said, so I can give myself some false sense of hope.

“What happens if they bully me?”

“What happens if they tease me?”

All those questions were loitering my head, I almost started to cry. But then, suddenly, I asked myself: “Maybe it is a great school! Great teachers, decent classmates and a great community!”

Then I started to become more “chill.” After at least thirty seconds when I said those things, my dad said: “Alright, we’re here Viggo!” Those four words were my kryptonite. I felt my heart shaking, my legs twitching and crackling and I. Was. Losing. My Mind… I took a step back.

“What’s wrong” My dad asked.

“I don’t want to go!” I answered.

“It’s just your first day, don’t worry” he replied.

Who should I follow? My instincts or my dad? I trusted dad and so, I stepped in school. It was gorgeous I’ll tell you that, nice floors, walls and ceilings. I was feeling less afraid. I walked towards my classroom: “Prep Bathala.”

As I opened the door, this was what I saw: A colorful classroom with tons of positive energy.

That positive energy? That’s happiness.

“Hello!” was the first word I heard.

“Hi” I answered.

“can I join you?” I followed.

“Of course,” The student said.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Anton” The student said.

And so, Anton and I played, cried, laughed and smiled in school. Later on, during recess, I stumbled upon Earl, he was shy like me but I decided to talk to him. After that moment, we began talking about stuff then later became friends. It was Christmas day all day when I was with Anton and Earl, The Teacher, (T. Jean) was sweet and loving. I liked it in Raya and I’m always eager for the next day, and I still am!

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