Bun by Clara

Bun by Clara Montenejo

Akashi by Ashley

Akashi by Ashley Quirolgico

Renn by Sophie

Renn by Sophie Valerio

Minozard by Kayin

Minozard by Kayin Flores

Kabaidoy by Viggo

Kabaidoy by Viggo Sarmago

DinoDyno by Miguel

DinoDyno by Miguel Lumbera

Silena by Ilysse

Silena by Ilysse Isip

Blaire by Maycee

Blaire by Maycee Chee

Shaun by Michael

Shaun by Michael Bohol

Hobo Billy Joe by Edge

Hobo Billy Joe by Edge Pabon

Angelo Milagroso by Xanti

Angelo Milagroso by Xanti Liboro

Charlie by AJ

Charlie by AJ Pauig

Immortal Tree by Earl

Immortal Tree by Earl Abadeza

Inari Jevalic by Karlo

Inari Jevalic by Karlo Buensalida

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The Flavors

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