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The Discovery ~

Karlo Buensalida

Inari Jelavic…

She was just strolling around Diagon Alley, looking for more tools and weaponry (magic wise). Until she saw someone with Pokémon who can turn invisible. She was amazed to see them turn visible and invisible. She came closer, with a hidden knife in hand. She was wearing seductive dress, exposed back and front, long sleeved, opaque though.

As she came closer (five-10 meters away). She felt something gnaw on her left arm. She felt her own blade press against her own skin. She flinched greatly/swiftly. Her left arm felt lighter, as she sees a Pokémon then visible right before her eyes. “You’re a fighter aren't you?”

She winks at the Pokémon, the Pokémon runs back to his owner. She then walked casually, slowly, near the Pokémon’s owner, hidden blades in hand. As she was about to wave her hand at the owner, she felt something behind her. “What-” she stuttered and teleported three meters away north from where she was standing. She saw the same owner, that she was looking at, holding a blade at where her back was.

“Some skill you have, trainer.” Inari confidently said with her head still looking quite down, ready for battle.

“I was just looking around for people to challenge.” The stranger replied, fixing his position to talk properly.

“This is an alley for Magic users; I can see you’re a trainer and not a magic user.” Inari replied, still ready/waiting for him to move/strike. The stranger laughed sarcastically. He interrupts himself, “No.” The stranger replied, “I may look like a trainer, but I'm not just a trainer” The trainer continued to talk. “Well, I am a trainer but not just any trainer-” he stutters, and interrupts himself- “I mean- I am just a trainer, a normal trainer but not just a-” He stutters once again.

Inari hides her blades then stands up properly, like a normal person. “Talk straight, or at least tell me what you wanna say”.

Inari replies, with a smile on her face. “Ok... Ok… I’m-” The trainer stutters once more. “I’m-I-m-I’mm-” the trainer bursts into tears, he falls onto the floor, on his legs, kneeling, facing down, hands on his eyes, trying to cover his tears.

Inari moves closer to the trainer. “What happened?” Inari asked the trainer, quite softly, trying not to be offensive.

“I just can’t..! I can’t talk to people-”

He cries more, he makes no sound though. “Zutadoku, please-”

He’s interrupted by the noise of a transfiguration. One of the trainer’s Pokémon turns into a human. The Pokémon stands in front of his trainer, creating some distance between you and him.

“I’m sorry for his inability to talk to others; it was normally me who talked to others for him.” Zutadoku, the Pokémon, spoke.

“Why dint you transform and talked to me before I got to him then?” Inari responded, questioning the Pokémon.

“I was busy munching your left arm-” Zutadoku spoke, then interrupted himself.

“Don’t worry it was harmless.” He continued to talk.

“As I was saying, I was munching you to check if you had any malice, or any harmful intentions.” Zutadoku said plainly.

“Why’d he try to kill me then?” Inari asked Zutadoku.

“That’s… His way of introducing himself. He’s not very good with words, On the other hand, blades; he’s well ‘mastered’.” Zutadoku replied, kind of ashamed of it.

“Oh, the next time he does that, I’ll surprise him then.” Inari replied, slowly smiling and staring at her blade in her (left) hand, it reflects her face.

“Ok… Now I’m sensing malice from you.” Zutadoku replied, he moves a bit.

Visually, he looks like he’s in the same position, I sense his magic stirring in his hands though, Inari thought to herself. “I’m just having ideas about assassination-” Inari interrupted herself. “I mean - assassination towards others! I wouldn’t want the head of such a unique person.” Inari rephrased her sentence.

“Unique? My Master is unique?” Zutadoku asked, questioning Inari greatly.

“Well, it ain’t everyday I see a teen who’s has Pokémon who can use magic and use blades and has nice skill-”

She's getting way off topic… Get to the point woman! Zutadoku thought to himself. “<mutter mutter fast run mutter mutter>” Was what Zutadoku was thinking she was saying, until she got to a point: “Anyway, he's an emotional young guy who... doesn't really have friends.” Inari said, as Zutadoku got a bit mad.

“Well, you guys seem something closer than ‘just’ friends.” Inari corrected herself.

“Well, I do kind of like my master…” Zutadoku shyly said.

“Aww that's sweet!” Inari said. “I’d like to see what happens between you two in the future.” Inari continued to talk; she then smiled at them like how a(ny) cute anime girl would. “Well then-” Inari said, whilst teleporting beside the trainer.

How did she- Zutadoku thought about how she was able to go to him that fast, but was interrupted by her words: “Let’s meet again sometime, Keita.” Inari gave Keita one gentle warm hug. Then teleported far away, out of sight.

“How’d… she get my name…?” Keita asked Zutadoku softly.

“She really is a clever one” Zutadoku replies, smiling.

“I… felt something come from her...” Keita said to himself, Zutadoku overhearing him.

“I also sensed something when she hugged you.” Zutadoku replied.

*In complete unison*

“”I/you felt love come from her””.

“I’m gonna miss her… She was... One of the only ones… who knew... And didn’t... Make fun... Of me...” Keita said, getting slower with each and every word/phrase. He cries more.

“True, she did have humor, she was pretty, just quite your age, has skill, can look fierce, but when needed, she can be your gir-” Keita cried even more.

“Please... Don’t remind me of her...” Keita said to Zutadoku, very, very slowly.

“Oh, whoops, my tongue slipped, sorry.” Zutadoku replied, slowly morphing back into a Pokémon.

“Let’s... Continue on our journey…” Keita said, slowly.

Zutadoku nods. Keita then stood up, wiping tears of his face, and then both started walking.

(He really is someone…) Inari thought to herself, whilst looking through a telescope with 100 lenses, from another planet, Azeroth.

(He’s just like my bo-) she thought of something, then forcibly changing to another topic. She then thought of manually infusing her blades with magic.

~ The end, for this chapter ;)

~ To be continued

My fictional Character

Juan Xanti D. Liboro

My name is Angelo Milagroso. I was born in the kingdom of Garbunkle in 2017.

My family and I were poor and we lived just beside the Basilica Minore de Santisima Trinidad. I have two brothers and sisters. When I was ten years old, I used to work at the Krusty Krab as a janitor but I got fired because I didn’t do my job that much, so I had another decision : being a fry cook at Mcdonald’s at Pack-a-Punch Lane. I like frying food because my mother taught me in the house how to cook food when she’s not around. So I accepted the job offer. But one day, the manager decided he doesn’t need me anymore. So again, I had to find another job.

One day, we went to church to attend mass. The church was almost full of devotees of the Holy Trinity. As soon as the mass started to end, a bright light appeared! The people including me were astonished to see a beautiful lady coming from the light. She went to me and said: “Brother, I am your Mother. I was sent by my son to help you. Serve the Lord and The Father will never give up on you.” Then she disappeared. I knew who it was. It was the Virgin Mary herself! I was consoled.

So I told my mom: “Mom, can I just be a priest?” She said “You should because Mama Mary said that to you right?” “Ok” I said.

“But before you become one, you should be a sacristan first.” Mom said. I asked “What is a sacristan?” “A sacristan is the one who assists the priest in his masses.” Mom said.

Me at twenty years old, I’m now at the right age to become a deacon. A deacon is a “recruit priest”. Like the sacristan, he assists the priest in the mass until he is at the right age to become a priest.

So in July, I was ordained a deacon by the bishop of the kingdom. Then when I was thirty years old, I was finally ordained a priest. But when I was ordained, the bishop said to me that I can’t stay with my family anymore because I have to stay in the seminary. So I said a goodbye to my family and friends and had a last picture with them.

I got into the simple life in the seminary ; eat food, pray, and sleep. But one day, I saw a person who was blind in his right eye. I approached and prayed to him. Then , I saw him shouting and running to me and said that his blindness was healed! I didn’t know that I have the power to create a miracle.

Now, I am the only priest who has magic to heal and help!

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The Choices of The Gemminal Watch

Sophie Valerio

“Yippee!” I yelled this morning, “The 100th episode of the Three Lives is here!”

And of course, everyone in my house was woken up early, including the three Gemminals named Norman, Poppy, and Confident.

“Why did you wake us up early!?” Grandpa Joseph fumed.

I did my speech for everyone to hear, “This is the moment of my life, the most enjoyable thing to make us all happy: the 100th episode of Three Lives.”

However, the Gemminals were bored about it.

“Right…” Norman said, “Three Lives again huh?”

“What was that about this time?” Poppy asked.

I answered, “It had a very special plot my friend. IT WAS ABOUT—“

“Renn!!!” Mom interrupted, “You are still grounded for destroying the house, so that means there would be no more electronics!”

“Including TV!” Grandpa Joseph said.

The two adults walked away from me. “Oh come on!” I whined, “It’s still not my fault that I destroyed it!”

“Oh yeah, then where does that annoying sound come from?” Dad said, trying to comfort me.

I asked him if I could be excused and took the Gemminals to my room.

“Reveal yourselves to them now!” I begged.

“But we’re Gemminals,” Poppy reminded, “none of the humans could see us except the ones who is wearing the Gemminal Watch.”

“And we’re spirits.” Confident said.

“But the Three Lives are my life ever since I watched the first episode.” I whimpered.

A voice came out of nowhere, “That’s too bad.”

Oh no, not you!

“Remember us?” it was Loudmouth, the Gemminal who made his possessed victims yell very loudly. He also had friends named Spoiler, Rocker Crocker, and Strong.

“What are you doing here!?” Confident asked.

“Me and my teammates are here for fun.” he answered, “Spoiler, can you tell him the plot of the episode because he was still grounded.”

I panicked because Spoiler was a super-annoying Gemminal because she spoils everything when she possessed someone. So I summoned Blame Flame because she hates everyone, so I bet that she would hate Spoiler too.

It made Crocker said mean things to her and yelled “A PUNK!” so many times that it flew Blame Flame away, making the others laugh at us—again.

“It’s been a horrible week ever since you got banned from electricity.” Norman said.

“You need to choose a Gemminal wisely to defeat Loudmouth along with his gang.” Poppy said.

“But what should I summoned!?” I fumed.

“Maybe you should search for a Gemminal that you think might be good to fight them.” Confident replied.

So on I summoned Nosepicker, Volcaner, Lullapa, Unfortunate, Lucky, but failed. It took the Bad Gemminals 5 hours to laugh at us when I summon every spirit to beat them until I decided to summon Blair.

But instead, it turned out that I accidentally summoned Willy Ūōtādoragon, making them laugh more. However, Willy humiliated them by juggling them like rubber balls while he was dressed as a clown.

It made them run away from us and rode Crocker’s motorcycle.

“What just happened?” I asked.

“You made the others gave-up easily by upsetting them back.” Confident answered.

So I guessed that sometimes, mistakes happened to learn from it.

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The day I moved into Garbunkle

Ashley Quirolgico

BLEEHHHHH said my tummy late in the morning while I was packing my super important stuff, like my phone, computer and my plushies. GRRRBELLGHH replied my tummy once again. I know I know I should have woken up earlier and I should have used my phone’s alarm clock but like it was going to drain my phone’s battery! So I wasn’t going to take that risk. I quickly glanced at my phone for what time it was, 11:30 am. Wowie am I gonna be late! Welp, might as well go Sanic Hedehog mode!. I was so fast that I heard Sanic The Hedehog’s Theme song playing in the background.

It was 12:09 am and surprisingly I was able to finish packing my stuff because I’m a lazy person. Anyway after I packed my essential items, I quickly left my previous home where all my weeaboo (A weeaboo is someone who is obsessed with Anime, Manga and Japanese Video Games) dreams started. I ran as fast as I could to the nearest bus station and waited for the bus to arrive.

When the bus arrived, I went on the bus that had a sign saying ‘Stops at Garbunkle’. I guess that’s where I’m going, I thought to myself. As soon as the bus started moving, it immediately started raining. “What are the chances of rain coming now!?” said a grumpy passenger a few seats in front of me. I actually didn’t mind that the rain came because when it starts to rain the streets tend to become very quiet. It’s like the peaceful type of quiet and the sound of the raindrops falling off the window is just relaxing. I just ignored that guy’s comment and continued reading Kakegurui, a manga that I really love. After reading 3 chapters of it I just took a short 44 minute nap.

“NEXT STOP GARBUNKLE I REPEAT NEXT STOP GARBUNKLE!” shouted the bus driver. So I got my phone out and waited a couple of minutes since we were nearby. By the time 2 minutes were up we were already in the train station in Garbunkle. I got up from my seat and I’m pretty dang sure I hit a good amount of people on accident and just made their days a whole lot worse… oops.

After hitting a lot of people, I proceeded on looking for a civilian who was familiar with the place. Eventually I found a girl named Bun. It was pretty hard on finding a person because socializing is scary and since I’m an introvert, I have more online friends. Anyway after asking her where 666 Kawaii~desu street was, she replied saying “Oooohhh, first you have to go through the portal thingy then there’s supposed to be an anime shop near the wifi tower? Or was it the lake? I’m not sure but if you do find it, go inside that anime shop there’s a second floor and you can rent that room! So Good Luck!”.

So after that very long conversation, actually I think that was the longest conversation I’ve had with a person that’s not online. Anyway, it took me about 30 minutes just to find the portal ‘cause the place was huge! And it took me another 9 minutes to locate the anime shop. After finding both of the places I walked inside the anime shop and was greeted by a nice girl. “Uh hello.. I’d like to rent… the second floor...“ I asked shyly “Sure! But you’ve got to improve your ability to talk to others!” she said while smiling.

We both walked up the stairs and then she opened the door where my room was going to be. “Wow my room’s huge!” I thought to myself. “Well this is where your going to stay, I hope you like it!” the girl said. “I will! thanks! “ I replied. She then left my room so I could start unpacking. I first unpacked my clothes then my plushies and lastly my pillows and blankets. After a while I realized that I can’t be an introvert forever so I got up quickly from my bed and dashed out the door and from that moment on I was going to make great memories here.

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A Long Surprise

Viggo Sarmago

It was SUMMER! Everyone in Garbunkle went to vacation while I stayed in my room doing what I do best: programming and something else! My mom and dad wanted to go to “Planet Namek” (an amusement park) for three months and they wanted me to join them. I’m the type of person who prefers to be alone in a room and I usually like doing indoor activities by myself but I gave it a try, so we packed our luggage so fast that I actually felt like I was the flash, kissed our house goodbye and escaped Temmie Village. While we were going there I decided to double-check my stuff. I later found out that my mirror is gone. “NOO! now I can’t admire me!” I said in a very, very sarcastic tone but oh, was that a huge mistake I made.

We finally arrived at Planet Namek, I got my stuff, Dad got his and so did mom. We checked in and went to our room. “Ok, for the first month, we’ll be checking the water parks, for the second part, we might go to events and do some paintballing! And for the third month, we’ll be resting…A LOT to prepare you for school.” My dad announced.

It was the first month. I had fun with the wave pools! Heck! I even saw a person eating a hotdog with ketchup on it. I also went to the 200ft. water slide, I was just very salty because everyone kept cutting the line like they completely owed me. After the first month, I felt like the back of my neck was being tickled by very soft needles.

The second month was the most fun of them all! I went to a concert and went paintballing with my dad. My dad requested me to buy the paintball gear for all the two of us. I went to the paintball store. I picked up our gear and went to the cash register.

“Good morning ma’am, what are you going to buy today?” The cashier asked me. One-fourths of my brain cells died.

“Uhh, I’m a “he” sir.” I clarified. “Oh my god, this is so awkward” I said in my head. It felt like I was messing up a speech.

“oops, s-so? is this all that your buying?” He said so ungainly. I could feel his pain in my heart, gosh.

“Yes, sir” I answered.

He gave me the receipt, I walked away and I tried to take off the concrete known as awkwardness.

“Well that was…something” I said to myself.

Besides the awkward encounter, I still enjoyed paintballing! It was like playing COD (A first person shooter game) in real life!

Finally, the third month. I was in the room playing with my cheeks, then my hands moved up to my hair. “WOAH!” I was surprised. It was like touching ramen noodles.

“Where’s the mirror mom!?” I said so desperately. “You forgot it remember?” my mom responded. “Oh shoot.” I said.

We finally went back home. I rushed to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

“Oh, now that makes a lot of sense. I have very, very long hair now!”.

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The Phone

Clara Montenejo

One time, I was just walking by the beach, but then I tripped over something and hit my nose on a rock. For some reason it wasn’t bleeding? Anyway, I checked to see what I tripped over. It was a rectangular solid with a glass covering on one side. I wondered what it was, so I brought it to my little hut and started fidgeting with it.

I pressed the button in front and the glass screen lit up. It kinda startled me so i might have thrown it on my pillow. Then numbers appeared on the screen, with the words “slide to unlock”. So I slid my finger across the screen, and more numbers appeared. I decided to click all of them. And it unlocked the phone somehow. These little icons appeared on the screen. There was a camera, a sunflower, a clock, a compass, a TV and some others. The sunflower was the only icon that I liked out of all of them, so I clicked it, then little pictures appeared. I was too scared to click on it, but I saw a picture with a pink- haired girl in a sweater. I thought it looked like me, but the girl looked like she was 2 years old or something, so I ignored it.

Then the screen went black. I panicked because I thought I broke it. I decided to go and ask someone. I wasn’t really friends with anyone, so i just asked anyone I saw. I asked a stranger, and he laughs. “Where did you find this?”.

I answered “It was by the beach.”

His face turned from a smile to a straight face “W- what? Who would just leave their phone by the beach?”

I shrugged.

“Well, they must have left it there a loooong time ago because this is really outdated.” He said.

“Really?” I asked and he pulled out a bigger version but in white.

“This phone you have here, was created years ago.” He tried to turn it on but it just stayed black.

“You didn’t charge it did you?” He asked, I said no and asked him

“Oh, so its called a phone...” There was an awkward silence.

“You seriously didn’t know what this is? Okay then…” He handed the phone to me and started walking away.

“Hey, Wait!” I tried to follow him but he went inside a building with a sign “Employees Only”.

So I found someone else to ask. She was new to the town. When I showed her the device, she held on the button on top, and a box with red lines on it appeared. She told me to follow her. We went into a house and she gave a wire with some kind of box thing attached to it.

“Here, charge it”

She plugged it into the little hole on the button, and it turned it on.

“Here.” She handed it to me and led me out of the house

“You can keep it, I don’t need it anyway.”

“Thanks, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Akashi” She answered.

That girl was really kind, considering she lead a kid with a phone into her own house and just gave something away. So, I went to a store and plugged the wire into the outlet. As I looked the little icons, I heard some people laughing in the corner. I ignored them.

When it got late, I went back home and got ready for bed but I took one last look at the photo that appears when you click the sunflower. I was 43% sure it was me, but I wasn’t sure. That night, i had a dream. A girl was walking around the beach with her mom. The girl’s mom looked familiar. When I woke up, I looked through the photos, and the mom in my dream had pictures on the device. I was scared. As if this thing belonged to someone I knew.

The next few nights passed, and I kept having the same dream. Over and over, like it was trying to tell me something. I went to Akashi for advice because she was the only one I knew. We decided to meet by the Garden of Wisdom.

“Hm, I’ve never heard of dreams repeating. Maybe it’s the phone?”

I still had no clue on why.

“I’m kinda scared, what if a scary demon thing will appear and it’ll eat me.” I asked.

“That seems too unrealistic. ”

“I guess, but it could still happen.”

I then showed her the photo with the little girl. “Aw, this kinda looks li- OMG THIS IS YOU.” She shouted.

“You sure?”

“Uh, YES. The hair, the sweater,” She said.

Then I showed her the TV icon. “How about this TV? You think it does anything?”

“...Wait, you know what a TV is but not what a phone is?”

“I mean, yeah. TV’s are honestly everywhere. How can I not see one at least once in life.” I explained.

“Oh.” She then offered me to have lunch with her at the Krusty Krab.

The next night, I had the same exact dream, only this time, the mom was speaking to the girl.

“... Sometimes you just have t… go… of thin… love…”

I told Akashi but this time she really didn’t know why I had that dream. Our best guess was that the phone was haunted.So, I threw the thing away along with the charger.

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The Last Battle

Ilysse Isip

“Hurry up Silena!” my friend Miranda called.

Miranda, one of my fellow housemate and friend through Quidditch, and I were walking down the hallway towards Divination, when I heard a familiar prideful laugh.

“Go without me Miranda” I told her.

“And why is that Lena?” She asked looking at me questionably.

“I see Edward.” I said.

“Edward. Isn’t he your neighbor from Garbunkle? The one who beat you twice, not counting the times you played Quidditch in The Grid.”

I grunted.

“Oh… Didn’t he also put a body binding curse on you in front of the whole school?” She said teasingly.

“Yup, the one and only, his annoyingness.” I replied disgruntedly.

Edward and I fought a lot because when we first met at Garbunkle we had a fight about the best Hogwarts House. Little did we know that our parents both worked at Asgard and are close friends. Long story short, we became neighbors.

“Lena… I’m going to Divination without you. Okay?” She asked.

“Go ahead, Miranda. You know I can’t stand Divination.”

She dashed to the door which was the Divination Classroom, as the laugh came closer.

“What do you mean Slytherin almost beat us? Jacob, have you seen their team captain?

She doesn’t even have any talent in Quidditch!” He said laughing.

“But didn’t Silena beat you fou —“

“Never mind about that now!” He said cutting of Jacob. “This week’s match will be one of the best matches in Quidditch history, because Gryffindor is going to flatten Slytherin.”

The nerve of that boy. Dissing my team. Dissing my skill.


Edward’s body froze as he fell on the floor.

I gave a Jacob a hard stare, pointing my wand at him. He froze. Backed against a wall and ran back to the hallway that he came from.

“Edward, Edward, Edward… When will you learn that you shouldn’t mess with my team and my skill!”

A small crowd started to form around Edward’s frozen body and my scowl.

His eyes shone with hatred. The one thing that he hated was being embarrassed. I wanted to cast another spell on him but I still had Divination.

“Bye Edward! See you at the match that I’m going to win!” I said

I ran off to the Divination classroom as the small crowd helped him get up to his feet.

Today was the final Quidditch match, Slytherin vs Gryffindor. Since it is my last year, I had to prove myself worthy of winning the most important match of the year.

“Everyone, up on your brooms!” Madame Hooch said.

She let loose of the Quaffle. Then the two Bludgers. And finally the Snitch.

“Releasing the the Snitch on, one… two… three!”

The snitch was released. All the brooms sped up blocking, scoring, catching the Quaffle and Bludgers as the crowd cheered loudly for the house that they supported.

“SLY-THE- RIN!” Chanted our supporters.

“GRY-FFIN- DOR!” Chanted the ones rooting for Gryffindor.

The game was a blur. Slytherin blocked and scored a lot but so did Gryffindor.

380 Slytherin. 370 Gryffindor.

We were ahead, but only by ten points. I knew from experience that Gryffindor could catch up quickly.

“Argh!” I cried missing the Quaffle.

Shoosh! It went straight into the goal.

“10 points for Gryffindor!” Madame Hooch declared.

“What? Argh!” I said in frustration.

“Distracted, Silena?” Shouted Edward across the court.

I rolled my eyes at him.

Suddenly Zac, the Slytherin seeker, zoomed towards a small golden ball, the snitch.

“Looks like Zac sees something that Chris isn’t seeing!” Said Madame Hooch!

Chris, the seeker of Gryffindor, quickly followed Zac.

I parted my eyes to see another Bludger coming at me.

I caught it. My eyes shone with hope. We can still win this. I threw the Bludger to the goal of Gryffindor.

“SCORE!” Madame Hooch said.

After scoring and blocking many bludgers. Zac and Chris were neck to neck, hands extended just to get to the snitch. Zac’s fingers extended. So did Chris’.


“SLY- THE-RIN! SLY-THE- RIN!” Chanted the crowd.

Miranda, Zac, Layla, James, Jack, Finn and I hopped off our brooms to stand up on the field. We put up our hands as a sign of victory. My eyes found its way to Gryffindor’s team, trying for a smile. I felt their pain. I felt the disappointment in themselves and the sorrow. I made my way to where they were standing.

“Good game, Edward.” I said giving out my hand.

“You weren’t so bad yourself, Silena.” He said shaking my hand.

I went back to my teammates as we headed to the Slytherin common room to celebrate my last battle.

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Minozard’s Journey to Garbunkle

Kayin Flores

Minozard wanted to take a break from teaching at his Wizard academy because he felt he needed to do something new. He also felt pissed at his boss. So he told his boss, General T.C. (Tauren Chieftain) (The leader/commander) that he was gonna be out for a long time. So someone had to take over and that person had to be knowledgeable about Wizardry. At first, General T.C. looked pissed, at the same time, he looked kind of happy. It was because he was going to try something new.

As Minozard got home. He got his travelling bag then packed things; he packed rat chips, some water, his clothes, his wizards’ stuff, a hammer, a pocket watch, a notebook, and other essentials. Minozard then told his neighbour/friend, Reksaur (a seven foot orc) that he’d be out for a while, and asked if he can watch the house, Reksaur happily said yes. Minozard then tried to get a ride, though he couldn’t, so he walked. He walked, and walked, and walked until he saw a sign saying “Garbunkle 200m away”.

Minozard only knew one person in Garbunkle, Dinodyno, his partner and close friend. At first Minozard changed his money into “Smeckles”, Garbunkles’ currency. Minozard wanted to live in Azeroth because it had the cheapest rent out of all the other places you can live in. But before he checked in, he had a midnight snack with, his close friend Dinodyno. Minozard seemed so happy because he found a new place to hangout and doesn’t have to get pissed at his boss. So it seemed like sweet victory to him.

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Boy Shaun

Michael Bohol

It was Shaun’s family tradition to go to the beach in town of Garbunkle every summer. He was so excited to go to the beach with his family because summer time was his favorite season of all.

He wasn’t able to contain his excitement that the night before their flight he couldn’t sleep. He tried counting the stars, drinking hot milk before going to bed but nothing made his eyes closed. Shaun was already dreaming about the fun activities they could do in the beach of Garbunkle even if his eyes were still wide open.

After a few hours, he finally fell asleep. In his dream they already arrived at the beach. He saw the wide sea, heard the sound of the waves crashing on the sea shore, and most importantly he was staring at the nicest clear blue sky. He immediately changed his clothes and together with his brother they started swimming.

As he dives into the sea, thoughts were coming into his head. He was thinking… “What if I would look for the most precious pearl in the sea?” but then his brother interrupted his thought, “Hey Shaun! Look it’s a family of sharks!” Shaun was afraid of the sharks but his brother seemed to be not afraid at all. It turns out that his brother was able to talk to the sharks. Shaun was amazed. His brother called him again, “Hey Shaun! Shaun! Shaun please wake up!” and right then and there he was shocked. Shaun was sleeping soundly all this time he didn’t heard that it was actually raining really hard that their flight was cancelled. But Shaun wasn’t sad, because at least in his dreams he was able to go to the beach and had fun.

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I got the Infinity Gauntlet from the Avengers!

Miguel Lumbera

While everyone in Garbunkle was on vacation except Kabaidoy who was the weirdest person in town cooped up in there in his weird nerd cave he calls a room,gross so anyways, There was a suitcase brought in by a man in a suit and he told me to open it so i did and i thought it was fat stacks of cash but it was just an invite from Tony stark saying that they have been watching me not in a creepy way as in a cool way to join the avengers. So I decided use this as my vacation because I like killing things and evil. So I accepted his offer because the avengers are cool, awesome and have superpowers, I can’t even comprehend it. They saved us from global extinction from a robot! So i headed for their HQ good thing I was in the krusty krab that’s just 90 meters away. Eating krabby patty meal with extra kelp fries.

After 4 minutes in the elevator, they gave me a warm welcome when I got there. Thor welcomed me by saying “by Odin’s eyepatch a new member!” and Tony replied “Yeah i saw him do crazy things even with his partner who was still anonymous to me” I couldn't correct him because so much things were ending with “ing” in my mind.

It was exciting, mind blowing, paralyzing you get the idea. For some reason saw The guardians of the galaxy, Doctor strange and a new guy he was silent and wearing black, big weirdo, hulk was way bigger in person.They were all injured and vision was gone and doctor strange didn’t have his Eye Of Agamoto. I did not see ant man probably because he was just tiny a few hours after that they were all asleep while i was exploring the tower (because it was about 30 to 40 stories high).

Then another mind blowing thing after another I saw something at the central hall. It was a gold gauntlet that had gems or something in it. I realized it was THE INFINITY GAUNTLET! I wanted only the power stone but even if i did want the whole thing even Tony must've installed a device that would trigger itself once I grab the gauntlet. But, I don’t like not doing anything so like some dumb guy I broke the glass and got the gauntlet and when all of the avengers woke up because of the alarm so my instincts acted up and i made a break for it with the the power stone just going through some walls and glass probably also some floors. But obviously scarlet witch got me against the wall when the avengers were aiming for I forgot I could use the time stone and freeze time and escape and used the reality stone to put all of them into a long type of hiatus in a reality I designed for them.

After that i went to the krusty krab and ordered 2 of my previous meal because minozard told me to get him too and he”ll pay me back when he gets here. After 15 minutes Minozard met me there and we ate a good lunch Mino seemed happy I guess he had a good midnight snack, but the employees looked tired like they’ve been up for 12 days at least they’re open for 136 hours. So I told Minozard everything that happened so after that I went back to my house in dinotown because it was 2:50 in the morning and I stole something of great power and value from the avengers that are totally better than the lazy and stupid justice league.

The Creation of Life on Earth

Earl Abadeza

During the time when the world was created there was a giant green seed falling from the sky. It was a time where the earth was still made of magma and molten earth. The seed didn’t burn it instead it used molten rock and magma as its source of food.

After 100, 000 years it became a sapling. And then another meteor hit the earth it was meteor made of water and ice it hit and steam started being created. With the water and the steam the tree started taking in the water as the world started creating obsidian and bedrock. The tree started producing nitrogen and oxygen it created these by absorbing the water and magma from the earth. Out of all the steam was being created the world began to snow for 200, 000 years and after that it started raining rocks and water.

The world was filled with water and ice. There was no obsidian and no bedrock seen by the naked eye. But then the sapling then use water and magma from the earth to create land. But cluelessly the tree also began to create grass, plants from the essence of the sapling.

After another 10, 000 years it began to grow but stayed as is a sapling. The sapling was 400 km high and a width of 250 km. Its roots average lengths was 50 km to 80 km wide.

The world was covered in a blue sphere that we call the ozone layer. The sapling stayed at this length as it wasn’t getting the required nutrients. It’s height pierced the skies further surpassing our atmosphere it is said that the tree is connected to the reserves of earth magma the sapling would be the main branch of oxygen of our planet. The scariest thing about this sapling is that it can live in space. The sapling never became a tree it remained as a sapling that's why it's called immortal tree even though that it's a sapling but sure it will become tree.

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The Race

AJ Pauig

There was a time when Charlie was racing. He could smell the burning rubber against the glass racing grounds of the rainbow road. He was in third place going on to second when he heard something pop behind him! At first he thought it was his back tire, but when he turned around he saw another racer flipping over and over and over again.

He didn't know what to do, the kart behind him was slamming the ground and gaining momentum as they were falling into the vertical track the kart’s gravity system was broken and finally fell off and hit the next turn with a big THUMP! Charlie’s kart’s back panel got hit and he too was plummeting to the ground! His gravity system was slowly leaking! He only had seconds until he has to put to wheels back to the ground to compensate for the change in gravity! He was panicking, he only has five seconds to react which in his perspective looked like the world was coming to a halt. He was about to hit the ground and not in a nice way. He pulled the gravity feed lever and spilled his entire supply of grav fuel. He broke off the smashed panel and opened the wheel dock and extended his kart’s wheels. He hit the ground with a bang and zoomed into second place!

He only had one last person to overtake when his left engine (the one that powers the back wheels) exploded and stopped his back wheels from spinning! The blast thrusted his kart forward at break-neck speeds! He just overtook the kart in first place and crossed the finish line! Although badly damaged his kart managed to drag itself into the pit-stop where he got out of his kart, shook but unharmed. He just won the most gut wrenching race in his entire career.

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The Scavenger Hunt

Maycee Chee

I quickly grabbed my things needed for our journey to the other side of Garbunkle. Then suddenly my Best Friend Pola Montemayor appeared.

“Hi!, Blaire lets go, we might be late”, Pola said in a rush.

“Pola? Why are you here?” I asked.

“You said that I should be here 8:30 am…. So here I am!...”, Pola answered confidently.

“Ha? I send you a message that..” .

“Shushhie Look Blaire… here you said that I need to be here at 8:30..”, Pola interrupted.

Pola grabbed her phone and...I looked into the text and…

“Umm Pao Pao this is not me….”, I replied in a soft voice “ What?... Nevermind lets just go…”.

We waited for a bus to the Beach

“Do you have your camera Blaire?”, Pola asked.

“Everything we need is in my bag”, I answered.

“Ready to compete against Violet and Sunny?” Pola asked.

“Umm.. yes?...” I answered, “ Look the bus, Pao”.

We hopped in the bus, “Pao let's sit here… Sunny and Violet is there..” I said.

“ Ha? Here Mai Mai?....”. Pola asked.

“ Yes here…”.

They looked at the back and saw Violet and Sunny with their brother Kyle.

“ Oh no..not Kyle?! He’s good at photography… ”, I whispered to myself.

“ Hey Sorry I’m late…” Aubrey said

When they reached to the Beach, We continued to hide from them.

Chapter 2

“Welcome to the 10th Scavenger Hunt Contest! I am your host! Jennica Fields”, The host said,” Today let us introduce our contestants… Sunny, Violet and Kyle! The unbeatable trio!, Pola, Aubrey and Blaire!, Ianna and Anna!, Jay, Ron and Gelo! And Liam and Drew.”

Jennica said that no one should get information from the other group.

They went up to the stage, “ Good Luck! You have 6 Days to finish! Here are your papers and lets go to the starting lane”.

“ Only 3?! But their impossible!”, Aubrey said to Pola and Blaire

“ Ready get set GO!!!” Jennica shouted.

“ What’s the first on Mai?” Pola asked,” Get 1 Legendary Flower”,I answered.

“ That’s in deepest part of the garden!” Aubrey shouted.

Sunny and her group didn’t know where to find the flower until she heard Aubrey.

“Thanks Aubrey!!”,Sunny shouted at us and Kyle…. suddenly winked at Pola.

“Pao is there something you need to tell us?, I asked, “ Ha??... What do you mean?” Pola replied.

I winked at Aubrey, “ Kyle liked Pola”,Aubrey whispered to me.

Chapter 3

When we went to the garden and grabbed a basket.

“ The flower rarely shows to kind hearted- people…” Aubrey said while reading her journal book.

“ There’s something shining! Pola shouted, “ Oh no… Violet?”.

“ Hi…. we found the first legendary flower….”Violet said.

When she grabbed the flower it disappeared and popped in a bush near Pola, She grabbed it and gave to Aubrey and put it in our basket.

“ Run!” Pola shouted.

When we got out from the garden Jennica was waiting outside, “We have the Legendary Flower Jennica….” I said exhausted, “Well Congratulations your in the 1st place… Umm Violet, Sunny? Do you have the flower?” Jennica asked, “umm.. No, we are just checking… yup checking who is on the lead...ha?” Sunny said.

“ There we are the 2nd placer on this challenge! Ron, Jay and Gelo! Congratulations!”.

The 3 boys were running towards Jennica and continued the hunt.

Kyle was running towards Sunny and Violet, “Here the Flower…” Kyle said exhausted.

“ The 3rd placer, Sunny, Violet and Kyle!... oh the 4th Placer Liam and Drew!, Ianna and Anna are not in the contest any more… Better Luck next time”, Jennica winked.

“ Ok the next one Blaire?..” Aubrey asked, “Umm… oh I like this one!”, I said.

I said that we should go to Hogwarts and let any professor in Hogwarts sign our basket.

“ Lets go! “, Pola said.

As they go to Hogwarts Aubrey accidently bumped to someone, “ I’m sorry… oh!..”.

“ It’s ok dear…”, Professor Mcgonagall said.

“ Umm… are you in your way to Hogwarts?”, I said.

“Ohh… Yes, Why?”, She said.

Pola asked that if we can have your signature in our basket for the scavenger hunt

“ Sure…Here we go..”.

As Professor Mcgonagall signs the basket Violet, Sunny and Kyle was there.

“ Look Professor Mcgonagall!...”, Violet said to Sunny and Kyle.

“ Wait.. Blaire’s group…”, Sunny said.

“ Thank You very much!”, Pola said.

“ What is your names??..”, Professor asked.

“ Me, I am Pola, Right beside me is Blaire and this is Aubrey..”, Pola replied smiling.

“ Ok, Thank you”, Professor said.

When our group leaved Sunny, Violet and Kyle approached Professor Mcgonagall.

“ Hi! I am Kyle this is my sister Sunny and Violet… can we have your autograph?”, Kyle asked smiling.

“ Sorry, no.. only one can get my signature”, Professor replied.

“ Ohh.. ok then..”, Sunny said and looked away from her.

Once again my group won 1st place! While Kyle’s group is 2nd, they got Horace Slughorn’s autograph. The 3rd placer was Ron’s group who has the signature of Poppy Pomfrey. Liam and Drew was out of the competition.

Chapter 4

“ Good Morning Garbunkle it is the 4th day of the Scavenger Hunt and the 3rd and most challenging challenge is getting a stolen shot and a picture with a person named Sophia and Raphael, Good Luck!!”, Jennica said in the TV.

“Ok..Ok , lets Go!”, Aubrey said.

“ But first we need to get some breakfast, Aub”, I said to Aubrey.

“ Ok, lets go”, Pola said.

Me, Pola and Aubrey went to the Beach to have some fun and our late breakfast.

“ What do you want Pola and Blaire?”,Aubrey asked.

“ Pancakes?..” I replied.

“ Me too!”, Pola added.

When it’s our turn in the cashier Aubrey noticed that the cashier’s name is Sophia.

“ Umm.. can we have 3 Pancakes and your… signature?”, Aubrey said shyly.

“ Umm.. my signature? And by the way 3 pancakes?” Sophia asked.

“ Yup 3 pancakes, we really need your signature we are on the scavenger hunt..” Aubrey begged.

“ Ohh ok, Here “, she said.

Sophia puts her signature on piece of tissue paper here and our names on the other side and she folded it. We didn’t that she was a fan.

“ Here you go! Enjoy!”, Sophia said.

After eating our pancakes we went swimming!

“ So?... Next one is Raphael or Ricky? I can’t remember”, Aubrey said.

“ Raphael?? Yup”, Pola said.

Suddenly a young boy approached.

“ Hi… I am Raphael and I am a big fan!’, a young boy said shyly.

“ Hi Raphael! Can we take an autograph?’’, I said.

Raphael’s eyes widen and grabbed a paper and pencil.

“ Here! Here!... my signature!”, he said excitedly.

“ Thank you! Raphael…” Aubrey said, “Can we take a picture?”.

“ YES!!”.

And we took a picture with Sophia and Raphael.

Chapter 5

When we are heading back home, we saw Jay, Ron and Gelo.

“ Hai! Do you want to play basketball?’’, Pola asked

“ Sure!”, Gelo replied.

After hours we decided to go and have our late lunch, we said goodbye to our friends.

“ Ok we are done! We just needed to find Jennica”, I said.

“ Ok.. But where?’’, Pola asked.

Sunny, Violet and Kyle was following us secretly the whole time.

“ No you don’t!”, Kyle said.

Give us your papers!”, Sunny shouted.

“Why would we give give it?”, I asked confidently.

“Because we are the unbeatable team, so give it to us!”, Violet replied.

We three agreed to give it to them.

“ Ok this is it…, you ready?”, Aubrey asked.

“ Yes we are ready”, I replied.

“ Good Afternoon!! Today is a special day, we are going to know who is the winner of the competition”, Jennica said, “ For Jay, Ron and Gelo’s group, they have 35 points!!,and now for Violet, Sunny and Kyle, They have 55 points!! And for Blaire, Aubrey and Pola… ha? 20 points?”, Jennica said.

“ Because Violet’s group stole our signature.”, I said “ And we have evidence, the paper that sunny is holding has our picture with the people we met having the name Sophie and Raphael”.

“ Is that true?”, Jennica asked them.

Then suddenly a picture fell down from the paper that sunny was holding.

“ Ok the winner on this competition is Blaire’s group.

That was the moment we won the Scavenger hunt.We forgave Sunny and her siblings and we became friends.

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