Election DayIlysse Isip
The DreamClara Montenejo
Lost And FoundIlysse Isip

My First Day In Raya

Clara Montenejo

My mom was taking me to my classroom. I wasn’t new to the place though because I had previously taken remedials during that summer. When I entered the room, about one third of the class was there. I was scared because I couldn’t speak Filipino. Then my mom left me; she kissed me goodbye and left me.

When our adviser walked in, everyone was in their seats, some still talking to each other. Then all of a sudden, it’s lunch time. When the teacher said to take out our lunch, I realized I didn’t have lunch in my bag, so I cried. But there was one girl nice enough to take me to the faculty, Nikki. She was walking me through a loud narrow hallway while patting my back.

I opened the door to the faculty and that’s when I realized my fear of going inside that specific room. Luckily, T. Ani, my aunt was there! She then took me to where my lunch was.

The rest of the day was just getting to know each other. By the end of the day, I had a few friends, Nikki, Ruth, Tala, and Jayda.

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Election Day

Ilysse Isip

Election Day. The day that all sixth graders count down to. It is a very important day because it’s when the two sixth grade classes elect a Mayor, Vice Mayor, and a councilor who will battle to form the school council.

On that day, you could feel the tension in the air between Almaciga and Lauan, the two six grade sections.

“Hey Ilysse!” said my seatmate and close friend, Santi.

He waved me over as I plopped myself into the seat right next to him.

“Are you excited? Today’s the day!” He said in a rush.

“Yup.” I said exhaustedly, after walking up two floors to get to our classroom.

After that Teacher Josh, our Araling Panlipunan teacher went in the room.

“Okay guys.” He said. “Are you ready to elect your party?

The room bursts into cheers.

“Okay. I guess you’re ready… Who are you going to elect for Mayor?” He said.

Many hands shot up in the air.

“Isabelle” Teacher Josh said, asking her.

“Ilysse!” She replied, shouting.

Teacher Josh wrote my name down on the board.

“Who else?” asked Teacher Josh.

Santi raised his hand.

“Me.” He said proudly.

I looked at him and tried to catch his eye. He turned his head and suddenly got in interested in his nails. Santi and I were the only ones elected for Mayor - Julia and Former for Vice Mayor, Nathan, Nadia, Isabelle, and Peale for councilor.

We voted.

“Isabelle and Nathan for councilor” Teacher Josh declared.

“Julia for Vice Mayor” He said once again.

I could see all the ones who had won grinning widely and excitedly. Suddenly I got a weird feeling in my gut.

“Winning by one point, the winner for mayor is… Santi!”

My eyes blurred, and I started crying. The whole class went quiet. I felt all the pairs of eyes staring at me. I lowered my head to my desk, still crying. I rushed out of the classroom and went straight for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I steadied myself on the walls of the small stall. Tears were rolling down my face as I remembered that one day…

“Hey Ilysse, you should totally run for mayor!” Santi said.

“Are you sure?” Ilysse replied, still crying.

“Yes! I mean a lot of people know you. And you’re good with talking to kids.” Santi replied, sounding quite positive.

“Really?” I replied, still doubting Santi.

“Really.” Santi replied, reassuring me.

We told the class about our idea. They quickly agreed, and we excitedly planned for our party name, t-shirts, giveaways and a slogan.

“Hey Ilysse!” Santi said, pushing and squishing himself with the group of 5th Graders.

“Hey” I said.

“Guess who is running for Mayor in the other class?” I continued.

“Um..=” Santi replied, interrupting himself thereafter.

Yssa Lim” he said, continuing his thought.

“Really?” I asked him raising an eyebrow, questioning him.

“Yup.” He said. “You’ll totally win.” He continued.

“FORMER!” A loud voice snapped me back to the real world.

“Ilysse… Are you okay?” Julia said softly.

“Ilysse, you should get out of that stall, Santi wants to talk to you.” Sophie said.

Hearing his name made me start sobbing all over again.

“Soph?” Julia mumbled. “Why’d you say that?” Julia continued.

“Why? What was I supposed to say? There’s pizza outside?”

I replied, laughing.

“Guys, chill. It’s not your fault.” I told them.

I opened the stall. Sophie rushed to the door and locked it. We were all quiet for a while. Spring hugged me and gave me P10.

“Huh?” I said, wondering why she gave me P10.

“Utang ko ‘yan.” she said.

“Thanks, Spring.” I replied.

“What Santi did was really unexpected.” Isabelle said.

My friends mumbled in agreement. Suddenly, Isabelle bursts in laughter. We gaped at her.

“I mean you’re just like so strong and independent that I look up you. And here I am seeing you cry.” Isabelle announced, dejected. I softly punched her on her shoulder.

“OKAY!” Sophie suddenly shouted.

“OPERATION GET ILYSSE OUT OF THE BATHROOM TO TALK TO SANTI” she said now screaming. Sophie continued.

“So OGIOOTBTTTS?” said Former.

“Yes!” Julia said.

“Wash your face and fix your hair. We are going to talk to Santi!” Spring commanded.

“No!” I said.

“My friends glared at me. I sighed. I walked over to sink, washed my face and tied my hair into a ponytail.

“My eyes are puffy!” I complained to my friends.

They sighed and pushed me out of the bathroom. I saw Santi shifting his feet nervously as he ignored the look on my face. I walked towards him, as he stiffened.

“Why?” I asked. He stared at his feet, not replying.

“Santi!” I said, raising my voice. “Why?”

“ I wanted to run” He started. “but I only thought of it after I told you that you would be perfect for the job… I’m sorry.”

The silence filled our ears with anxiety.

“It’s okay Santi.”

I replied, smiling at him.

“Well… Can you be our manager? I mean you have great ideas!” He said.

“Sure Santi, sure.” I replied

He raised his hand for a high five.

“Friends?” He asked.

“Friends.” I said.

Suddenly Nathan started clapping. Then Sophie. Then Julia. Suddenly the whole class was clapping.

“Here’s to our Mayor and Manager, Santi and Ilysse!” Nathan cheered.

The room erupted with all the clapping and cheering for our party.


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The Day I Ate Sand -- mmm Sarap!

Miguel Lumbera

Me, my mom and her friends went to Pico de Loro for summer because we were all bored and it took us 3-4 hours to get there but I guess it was worth it when we saw the condo and the beach. On the first night they watched exorcist but I was 10 so me and my mom just stayed outside the room until the movie was done but I kinda feel bad for my mom because she missed it I regret that now. After that we all slept.

Then day two came and we took a cart around as a tour with other people and then we decided to go to the beach so we went back and got our swimming gear like goggles, rashguards, boardshorts and food like chips and coke. Then we walked and the way going there we found cool and beautiful sights and a cute little pond so obviously my mom and her friends took selfies and “groupies”. Then after 10-15 minutes of walking we finally arrived at the beach. So we set up our stuff under one of those “seat under an umbrella things” we put our chips there and we made our towels seat covers and some of my moms friends just stayed the on shore.

Then, stupidly, I put on my goggles while walking to the water after that there was a weird slope and I slipped, then, the chain of calamity started to happen. First, I fell and ate sand then my goggles were still sideways so some water got into my eyes then I tried swimming back to shore but there was a jellyfish that stung me or something stung me. Luckily my mom’s friend pushed me back to shore and I was saved. And that’s the day I ate sand for the first time and while I was growing up i ate more sand somehow.

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The Dream

Clara Montenejo

”I never wanna Camp in the Middle of a Forest again”

It all started on a camping site. All the tents were in a circle, and everyone was on a bike (it was a marathon). I wanted to join so badly, so I asked some of the people around the place. And for some reason, there was a parking lot right beside the camping site? So I asked a police officer and a woman in a red dress and sadly, they hadn’t seen a bicycle.

I even checked the parked cars and I didn’t even own a car.

When the day ended, I was making my way to my tent, and the sky looked like a paper collage. And then a witch on a broom appeared and flew through the sky.

The next day, all of us were eating breakfast, and I saw a chubby girl with long curly hair run out a tent holding a surfboard when we were nowhere near a beach, we were in the middle of a pine tree forest.

As time passed, people started leaving the site and the chubby girl was left. So, she devised a plan, on Halloween she would invite all of us to the site and we would have lunch there.

When the day came, we were all in costumes. I think I was dressed as a black cat. All of a sudden a fast food restaurant appeared (I think it was In n' Out) in front of the site, and that’s where we ate. And that’s all I remember.

Luckily, that was all a dream.

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Lost And Found

Ilysse Isip

Last April 3, my friends and I agreed to meet at Maginhawa Empire Fashion Café. When I arrived at Empire, my friends, Nathan and Julia were already there.

“Hey!” said Julia.

I waved at her and asked, “Where are the others?”

We waited for them for a few minuets.

“Where are they?” Nathan sighed.” We have already eaten ¾ of the nachos!”

“Let’s go to Food Park,“ I suggested because after Empire we would eat at Food Park.

Since Food Park was just across, we walked towards it.

“Hurry up Nathan, I want to see the others,” said Julia.

“But it’s hot!” Nathan complained.

“Hay naku, Nathan,” I jokingly said.

After crossing the street, we went to Food Park. Julia squinted her eyes looking for them.

My phone rang. The caller ID said, Former, this was my nickname for Sofia. I call her former because we used to be former seatmates back in 4 th Grade.

“Hey Former. Julia, Nathan, and I are already in Food Park. Where are you?” I said questionably.

“Huh?” She said confused. “I though we are meeting at TLT” (my old school).

“What? Why? I though we are going to meet at Empire?”

“Oh… Okay… Can you guys go here instead of us going to Empire?”

“Okay. Well see you in TLT.”

“See you guys!”

The call ended. I told Julia and Nathan that we would meet the others at TLT.

When we got to TLT, the others weren’t there!

“Huh? I thought we’re meeting here,” Nathan said.

“I thought so too,” I mumbled.

“Maybe they went to Empire?” Julia stated.

“I should call Former,” I said.

I took out my phone and called her number.

“No load,” I said

Julia took out hers.

“No battery,” she said as she buried her face in her hands.

The rest of the day went basically like that. Whenever Julia, Nathan, and I would be somewhere, the others wouldn’t be there.

“Let’s just go to Snacks and Ladders.” Nathan had suggested Snacks and Ladders because it was a board game café. And my friends and I go there often.

“Well… we have nothing better to do anyway” Julia said.

“Lets go! We can play cards against humanity!” I said excitedly.

We quickly went to Snacks and Ladder. And guess who we saw there? The others! Former, Santi, Sophie, and Spring were all there!

“GUYS!” Screamed Sophie.

Julia, Nathan, and I quickly rushed towards their table and sat down. We exchanged stories about losing each other while laughing hard. We ate, played board games, and exchanged funny stories about our times at TLT.

And that was the day I lost and found my friends.

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The First Time I Tried Not Hurting People Back When They Hurt Me

Miguel Lumbera

I got inspired by Viggo and Earl, mostly Earl because he doesn't hurt people back. I only got the when I was in the van because Elias kept hitting me so I resisted the urge to slap him back, even though I knew he would just block it. so whenever he pulled my finger in a way that it wasn't supposed to bend I would just react and scream but not fight back I feel like he didn't know because we still laughed a lot and when we were talking to Joaquin I asked him if he had a superpower what would it be? and he said that he would have all the powers in the universe then Elias said he would have the power to negate Joaquin’s powers, so for 10 minutes straight they had this argument about how Elias couldn't get to negate his powers.

After that Elias said that when he snaps someone in the world will laugh and Lion/Alex kept laughing because Elias said that maybe I had only that assumption because excluding that I have absolutely idea why she was laughing.

After that Elias chewed off his nail and kept scratching me with the finger where he bit his nail off on my thighs and because of what I decided I didn't fight back, and he did that 25-40 time on my leg and I was surprised it wasn't bleeding so he kept doing it until we got to my house since my bag was 1 row in front and the foldable chair was blocking me (by the way I couldn't fold it because ate Rafi's bag was there so I reached for it and found out it was upside down so I grabbed it and Elias forgot to shoot my corn cup in the trashcan so he had to go on top of my head and when he did that my head dived into the trashcan and luckily my head did not reach the bottom of the trashcan. So I laughed and so did he then when I got it I was stuck in the gap between the chair and the back row chair so with some maximum effort deadpool style Elias pulled me up and I tried lifting my legs with some maximum effort too so I got my bag and got out of the van.

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