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Illegally Driving

Edge Pabon

It was 6PM. The street lights went on as it was getting darker outside. Thirdie and I were bored so we went biking for a while in the park. After 30 minutes, we were about to get home. But on the way back, we saw two old friends. Hannah and Min Kyung. They asked us if we wanted to go to Hannah’s house. Thirdie figured, if we went home we won't be able to do much. So we carried on and went to their house. We went on a movie marathon and watched four movies. After the marathon, Hannah had the idea of “hanging out” in her ate’s car.

“You guys wanna chill in my ate’s car?” Hannah asked.

“Sure.” Min Kyung and Thirdie replied.

Hannah got the keys from the key rack below their counter, then off we went to the Kia. It was dark. Only the rain and the streetlights made the roads brighter. We got inside the car only hearing raindrops hit the roof. After a few minutes, Hannah astoundingly asked, “Let’s drive.”

“NO!” Thirdie and Min replied. At that time, my mind was unsure what we would be doing would either be fascinating, or just be frightening at the same time.

“Edge you drive.” Hannah shockingly said.

“What!? I never even drove in my entire life!”

“You can do this.”

Butterflies were flying inside my stomach as I turned the engine on.

“This is wrong. We shouldn't be doing this.” Thirdie reminded.

“It can't be hard as video games.” I stupidly replied.

“Let’s do this.”

The car started moving forward. I turned the steering wheel and the car followed. I got used to the car. We all got used to it and started taking turns. When it was once again my turn, I went to this street in our village, “Visayas Avenue” Hence it’s name, it looked like a highway with narrow streets. No one was awake so then I dared to go 70 kilometers per hour at the whole street stretch. It felt great. I felt like I was Flash running at the speed of light. God speed. The perfect word to describe it ( for me ). It was 3AM in the morning. We somehow got ‘addicted’ to it and only stopped driving at 7AM. I parked the car where we first started driving it. The rain stopped. Roads and houses were wet. I felt proud and the same time ashamed of myself. Irresponsibly driving. Thirdie and I had to go so we thanked and waved Hannah and Min Kyung goodbye. Thirdie lived in front of our house at the other side of the street.

Finally I asked him, “Had fun today-I mean tonight?”

“Yeah. I taught you guys were the last people I'd see.”

“See ya Third” So I went back to my room and slept like it was heaven.

I just illegally drove.

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What’s It like to have Autism

Sophie Valerio

I was born with Autism along with the other children who had Autisms. It made me have uncontrolled emotions because I would get mad, frustrated, and upset when someone did something wrong to me. I hated being like that because I ended up doing wrong to them.

I remember that I used to learn in Kumon and Speech Therapy, along with Kumon Teacher Tess and Speech Therapy Teacher Tophee. I go to two schools after classes of the Old Raya School.

It took me a long time for me to stay there and I wanted to go back home, until it was over when I became 11-years- old and a Grade 5 student. I didn’t go there anymore because I was older but I missed them because I have learning times with the teachers. I still hated Autism, but I liked it a lot because it made me so imaginative so that I could draw in my sketchpad and talk to myself in my mind.

I also realized that some of the celebrities like Tim Burton has Autism, too, because they were special along with their talents.

I wanted to become a director, an author, and an artist/illustrator one day to spread my imagination to the whole world including the Philippines. I’m now proud of having it because it would made me special (even though Kumon and Speech Therapy weren’t my places to learn anymore, I know that they made me knowledgeable/smart enough to do anything.)

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The Tale Of DreamPlay

Sophie Valerio

Before school started, I went to the special place called DreamPlay along with Juliana and Kali.

DreamPlay was located in the City Of Dreams Manila and was like a Dreamworks version of Disneyland. Dreamworks was one of the animated studios along with Pixar. It was also the main attractions in Metro Manila along with Kidzania Manila, Manila Ocean Park, and Mind Museum. I was happy because it was my first time to go there. Together with Mom and my older brother Gabe, we saw the circles doing magic inside the mall until my playmates came with Kali’s mother. While the adults are getting tickets, the manager told us that there’s also a puppet show, which made me more excited.

Me and my old school friends are exploring by ourselves and have fun. However, I kept on losing them because they explore in different places without me. I remember the place upstairs that also include the inside of the plane from Madagascar and knew the places that I haven’t explored before with them. That problem happened after we baked gingerbread-men and had pizza and nachos for lunch. I waited for them to find me while I was exploring like Shrek’s house and the solution kind of worked.

Even though nobody was going to watch the puppet show called “King Julien’s New Clothes”, I was still comfortable in my own beanbag and read a book because the show was inside DreamTales, which was actually like a library. After I watched the show, I decided to watch “Puss In Boots” in the DreamTheatre but the movie that we were watching was different from the original one. When it was time for us to go home, we kept our Baking Gingy Class photos to ourselves so that we could remember our event forever.

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First Computer Shop Experience

Edge Pabon

One of the most well-known sub-cultures of Philippines is the infamous “Computer Shop”. Ever since I was 4 or 5, I’ve been seeing computer shops all around my hometown. From the other side of the street till the other side of the block. I was a small, young child so I’d always wonder what was inside.

Here in Fairview, there aren’t as much computer shops around. But since I now know that I’m no longer a small kid, I can do things by myself. I find ways to do what I want without any help. Responsibly. My thoughts about computer shops changed when I decided to come with Kaya and Doti to this Internet cafe. But there was one problem. I didn’t have money.

“Wag kang magalala. I gotcha.” said Doti.

“We can lend you some money” added Kaya.

“A thousand thanks.” I replied

Doti and Kaya usually goes to this Internet cafe, “TNC” (TheNet.Com) where the computers, chairs, keyboards ( according to Doti ), were high quality. Believe it or not, an hour only costs 15 pesos! Of course, with that kind of price, I figured there would be a lot of people.

Doti called the guardhouse to request a trycicle to his house where we were in. We waited a few seconds for the trycicle to arrive in front of the house. So off we went to TNC.

After a while, we finally got there. Kaya paid the fair of 30 pesos and then we went in the shop. I was right. There were a hell ton of people playing and shouting at the underground gaming haven.

“Ate?” Doti asked the staff “Meron pa po bang available na computers?”

“Ay! Wala na po. Pasensiya. Pero sa VIP po, meron pang 13 computers na available.”

“Magkano po ba per hour?”

“100 per 3 hours po kuya.”

Me, Kaya, and Doti looked at each other.

“Are you guys okay with VIP?” Kaya asked.

“Your money, your choice.” I replied


So Kaya and Doti payed 300 pesos for each of us then the staff gave us our own personal gaming mouse pads and went inside the VIP room. I was amazed how cool looking the gaming chairs and the keyboards were. They had a theme of the color orange. They just REALLY looked cool.

I sat down, turned the computer on, and opened League of Legends. We started playing at 2PM and ended at 5. It was so fun. Playing 5 matches in a row without standing.

5PM and the sun had a warm orange. We got back home to Doti’s house and drank water immediately. Doti just lied down, with a bag of Chitos just staring at the painting at the wall. Kaya was using his phone ( talking to his gal I guess? ) with earphones on. I, just sat down napping for a few minutes.

So there was my first computer shop experience.

Never knew computers were so addicting.

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D & D Start

Kayin Flores

So this story is about how me and some of my Grade 6- until now classmates started in D&D, “Dungeons & Dragons”, an RPG (role playing game) where you take place somewhere and let your imagination do the work. You can also design characters and you can play with a group, usually a group of friends.

So during the start of Grade 6, first quarter if I remember correctly, Alab had always brought this book “D&D” (Dungeons&Dragons) players’ handbook. He also kept reading it during recess and lunch. One time, I asked him, “What are you reading?” he replied “Oh it’s a book about D&D.” At that time I wasn’t really interested in D&D yet.

One quarter (not sure when :/ have to ask Alab) I asked Alab, “You brought your D&D book?” he said “Ye, why?” I replied “Can I join your D&D?’’ Then he happily (I think/I hope he was) said, “YE, SURE!!!!” So at the start it was only the two of us, Alab and I. We looked for other players (Classmates) and the first person we added was Mig. After we added Mig, Luis asked if he can join and we happily said “YES!”. So we had our “Game Group”, now it’s time for character creation.

So character creation, we had to pick and make a race and class, name, backstory, choose our weapons, armory, spells, and others. My character was a Wood elf (Race) Rouge (class),(I may have mixed them up) though I’m not sure about the characters of Mig, Luis and Alab. After we created our characters, we read through the book of 200+ pages some more, we looked through the races and classes, the spells, items, armor and all the other essential stuff in the book and D&D. After we did those we had a problem. We needed a DM (Dungeon Master)- basically the guy who reads the campaign (Story)- decides everything, etc. Alab heroically said “you know what why not I be the DM?” we thankfully said “Thanks Alab!” But, Alab found out that DMs can play as well so we’re good.

So we were all good right? There was another problem- it was review week and exam week, the next. So since it was review week we needed to focus on reviewing so our D&D was cut short. Exam week came since we were just half day during exam weeks. After we (Mig, Alab, Luis) finished our exams, we would go to the gym and read and finish what we needed to do. We would have 30-45 mins to do that before we either go home or take the next exam.

After exam week, we were basically free. Since exams were done, we could play D&D but- in order to play we would need a campaign (basically where the story takes place and stuff). Alab had the campaign but when we reminded him- he’d keep on forgetting- probably for three weeks- he kept forgetting. So 4th quarter came, we had another problem- IR (Independent Research), we had to make our slides and speeches. So once IR was done we needed to practice for graduation, then summer came but, we didn’t see each other during summer. So until now (Grade 7)- we haven’t played D&D yet- but I hope we get to do so soon.

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Memorable League Of Legends Game with Karlo

Kayin Flores

One of the most memorable LoL “League of Legends” game Karlo and I had. One night, Karlo asked me if I can play LoL with him. I said “Sure” so I turned the laptop on, logged in garena and loaded in LoL. Before I invited Karlo, we chatted for a bit in LoL, so after we chatted he told me to be the one to invite him so that we can play against people my level (I think I was level seven or eight that time; so ye).

We got our match up and went to champ-select (when you pick the character you want to use). I picked Alistar, a “tank” and Karlo picked Kayle, a “top laner/ ADC” (ADC= Attack Damage Carry = carries the team late game).

So as the game started we bought our in game items (I forgot what items those were) but they help boost up your champs strength, armor, magic, mana, etc.). I went bot lane (bottom lane of the 3 laned map) with a mage and Karlo went solo mid (only guy In the middle lane).

In the first few minutes of the game (15-20 minutes) We were losing, our team had lots of deaths, they destroyed more towers (they basically protect your base), their team was just so strong, but thanks to Karlo who carried our team we ACED (killed all enemies) them a couple of times. His KDA (kill-death-assist) was 18/8/12 and mine was 2/11/21.

That game was so memorable because it was fun, exhilarating, exciting, etc. Though after well as usual me and Karlo were mentally tired because it took us 49 mins to win. But it was all fun.

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The Great Storm~

Karlo Buensalida

One day, I was playing a game, called “Heroes of the Storm”. I invited Kayin with me to a match. We played against and with Artificial Intelligence (ai/a.i.) players. It was a match of five players versus (vs.) five players. On my team were me and Kayin, and three other ai players. The other team was purely composed of ai players. Before the ‘actual’ game started, us human players (me and Kayin) chose our ‘champions’ (in the game, champions are referred to the people/aliens/things/whatever they are that you can play as). I chose Li-Ming (A young lady whose skill set is magic based (skill set - what they're ‘skills’ are (skills are the abilities that you can use to help you defeat your enemy, or kill, or escape, in anyway, depending on who you play as))), Kayin chose Zuljin (some kind of Orc that also mainly uses magic). The ai players get automatically selected based off of the other players. Because our team had two human players. The ai just chose who (may) be the best fit for us. The other five, purely ai players, (technically) auto-selected a balanced team.

The game begins. We spawned in our respective bases (normally, the opposite sides of one another (like one base at the leftist, one at the opposite end). We chose our skill sets (Kayin and I/me), the ai automatically chose theirs, and then we ran to our lanes (lane - referring to a ‘road’ or a long line of walk-able land/terrain (it’s where people normally go to at the start).

~ 10-30 minutes later ~

Kayin told me (about 10-15 minutes ago) that he needs to eat, but he still played. So I assumed he’ll finish the match then eat. But… he left… Mid-game…

Our team was already losing the moment he left. When he did... Leave (or disconnect)... I started losing hope. But I am not a person who gives up. So - coordinating when and where the ai went to (either with me or its’ default commands). I was able to ‘push a lane’ (each lane is (normally) connected to another lane from the enemies’ base (Push - meaning you get to have an advantage in the lane (getting an advantage in the lane - breaking turrets, (sometimes) strengthening your cs/minions (cs/minions - the small weak mobs who just follow the lane it is summoned in (the monsters you ‘recruit’ from the jungle just go to the nearest lane from where they were located (after ‘beating’ the group of jungle monsters, you normally recruit them by standing on a ‘circle’, after you stand there for about 1-twos they fight for you and ‘push’ the nearest lane from where they were recruited from)) (summoned - normally, all cs/minions spawn from the ‘heart’ (where - you will lose if the enemy breaks/destroys it) of the base))))). (During our match) There were three lanes, ‘top’ (the uppermost lane), ‘mid’ (the lane nearest to the center), and ‘bot’ (the lowermost lane). I successfully pushed top, because I made some of my ai players follow me, so it helped me push it quite well and fast. I then saw the enemies have already arrived at my base, both mid and bot have been pushed into our/my (Our - since I consider the ai players as... People (and Kayin-ish), (My - since I was technically the only one playing)). So I commanded/pinged all my teammates to go defend the base, whilst I was the one dealing most of the dmg (dmg - Damage (Everyone/everything(normally) deals damage, the higher the damage, the more health you remove/take away from the enemy (there are two types of damage, physical and magic (Physical - those that rely on ‘things’ like basic attacks, or physical damage abilities) (Magic - wherein your damage deals, magic damage, those that (normally) rely on abilities) (There are - then - two types of armor, one being physical, the other being magic (Physical armor (the more you have) reduces the amount of physical damage that is done onto you, same goes for magic)).

After I was barely able to keep my base’s ‘heart’ from breaking. I then pushed all the way into the enemies’ base. I went through all lanes, pushing a bit of mid and bot, then going all out on top.

A few minutes later after going all out, I won.

I then went on my couch then rested for a bit. I felt like I was still in the game, pushing then defending then pushing til’ I won… It was very tiring.

To be continued

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My Longest Leauge Of Legends Friend

Karlo Buensalida

That one faithful day, was the day I met the guy who supported me throughout LoL for the entire time I grew up (in the game).

In my previous match, the match I had before the match with SpinXel. I was already triggered. Being triggered right before a match will really affect the game’s outcome. I got triggered because/due to/a(n) afk player/person. Fighting five people when you only have a team of four really changes the game.

Our game started- We all went to our lanes. Spin said “glhf” (stands for: ‘Good luck have fun’). I replied back to him, quite happily. I went bot lane with my support. SpinXel then went mid. The others went to their respective roles/lanes.

~ 40-60 minutes later ~

We were (technically) at a standstill; we pushed each other quite well. We both were quite close to our own doom(s). We had one last team fight. We won it. Most of us were able to stay alive and kill the other team. We then rushed over to their base. In just the nick of time - We were able to break their base before one of them respawned. We rejoiced.

We went to the end game loading screen. We all said “GG” and had a nice time.

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