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My experiences on my way to Japan

Ashley Quirolgico

It was 5am in the morning when my mom woke me up to leave for the airport. My normal instinct was to say "nngggh mom 5 more minutess" but since my brain actually worked for once, I knew we were going to Japan. So I quickly ran (well no, I ran as in quickly got up from my bed) to the bathroom to pee and splashed some water in my face then I quickly took a shower. By the time I finished showering and wearing my two sweaters, one jacket and thermal leggings it was 5:30am and our flight was 7:00am, which meant I really showered fast. But my family was almost done so I guess I was the last one. After my entire family finished showering and dressing up, my dad got an Uber(?) car thingy and we waited for 5 minutes for it to arrive.

When the Uber finally arrived, we then loaded up all of our luggages with the help of the driver then we went inside the car. I sat in the middle while my mom sat on the left side, my twin on the right and my dad in the front. Then the car started moving going to the airport.

When we arrived to the airport, the place was packed with people even though it was early in the morning. Since our flight was at 7am, we just decided to fill up some forms and give our passports. After that it was like 6:05am so we just stayed in the Mabuhay lounge where there was a lot of computers, outlets, couches, free Wi-Fi and FOOD!. I really was shocked that their were only a few people inside and that there was an entire isle full of food. After all of us ate and stuffed our faces with food. We went to the place where you have to wait for your flight. Eventually, we were called so we got up and boarded our plane.

The plane was fairly packed with people. I quickly went to the seat I was assigned to and pulled out my phone to listen to some anime songs. As the plane took off I got more excited. One time, my mom told me that the plane had an app so that you could watch movies for free when your on the plane. So my twin and I, picked a movie and the movie we picked was Miss Peregrine's Hpme For Peculiar Children. Apparently, our flight didn't arrive/stop at Japan immediately, so we had to stop by Taiwan and wait for the Japan flight to resume.

When we were able to board the plane going to Japan, It was one hour flight instead of a two hour one. When we arrived to Japan, It was like the happiest day of my life! how happy? you ask? For example: you got all of the things you have ever wanted!. Unfortunately, we had to line up for something passport related (I didn't really care because like I was in Japan! and it was very boring) and like it took so long like it felt like 2 hours but really now it was 1 hour. After one decade of standing in place and contemplating about life and looking at random things, we finally left the darn place and the first thing I saw was a giant Pikachu, no joke as in a extremely tall and big inflated chubby Pikachu, when I saw that thing I felt Japan just slapped me and said "This is Japan WELCOME!".

Apparently, we arrived in the perfect time because the entire airport was like celebrating Pokemon's 20th anniversary. Since I am a prime example of a Pokemon fan (because Pokemon was basically my childhood) I went crazy and was like "Uh hey mom, what ever happened to the Yen I brought?" but sadly she said don't buy it here because were just gonna go to a Pokemon Center anyway. After me and my twin fangirled and fanboyed to death, our dad had to lie up to get maps and tickets (I'm not really sure) then when he did we rode this huge and long train with really wide windows. My mom then said "this train I think is just for the airport" so I was like cool! and the trip to Osaka was really long so I fell asleep and my mom took a picture of me (*sobs*)

When I woke up from my well deserved nap, we were on our way already to Osaka. So when the train stopped I quickly got up from my seat and I ran straight out which was the worst idea I have ever made in my entire life 'cause I almost died of Hypothermia. I really regretted doing that (You don't say past Me?) but luckily I had a jacket with me!. So to get to the condo room my mom rented, we had to walk which would normally kill me but I didn't mind it since I got to look around more. When we reached the condo thing, my mom had to get a key in a locker room so that we could open up the entrance (that security though) door. When I saw our room I was just in love with it and just the thought of the room made me realize that my trip to Japan was going to be Awesome.

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Best Friends

Maycee Chee

Last June 2008, it was my first day of school in MSA Whiz Kids Academy. I was sitting still until my adviser introduced us to each other. “Maycee this is Pola, Pola this is Maycee”, Teacher Michelle said and left. “Hi Pola..”, I said, “Hi Maycee..”. Since that day Me and Pola became close but then a boy named JM became our… best friend also! The three of us became so close that I still remember our fun memories.

When were in Grade 1 the two sections became one and that is the time we met Aubrey. One time at class me Pola and JM got separated in different groups JM was alone, Pola was with Aubrey and I was alone. I always looked at them and Pola kept asking me if I was ok and I kept answering her that I am ok. The jealousy stopped when we were in grade 2. I know now that Aubrey is kind, funny and super friendly and we four best friends. When we are in grade 6, I call her Ate Best and Ate Auby.

In February 2012, my mom and I decided that I will try a to go to a big school. The thing is….. I never told it to them. They were shocked when I told them that I was moving to another school. Whenever my sister has an event in MSA WKA I always go with her. One time I saw them and they saw me, “Maycee!! Na Miss Kita!”, Aubrey shouted, but me and Pola only just talked for just seconds, “Pola, lilipat na ako next year sa MSA! Grade 6!” I said shyly, “ Talaga! YES! “ she replied, and JM…. he was busy playing with my former classmates Aeron, Zach, Angelo and Bass. I did not mind erupting their game.

I was very excited that I am going to my old school! I haven't slept well the night before because I was very excited. I met Heidee Pinlac and Clark Dalus, new students last year, and me a returning student Me and Pola are seatmates twice which is super fun but we changed seats again, Aubrey and Pola are seatmates and at the back of them was me and my classmate/ best friend Aeron, JM at the other column. Heidee is nice and friendly, we almost have the same likes and she is my best friend now. My seatmate Aeron and I became close. I always tease him with his crush Clarisse. “ Aeron, Maycee best friend na kayo!” Aubrey screaming quietly, “ Yayyi” Pola said. In our section Grade 6-Faith we treat our classmates like brothers and sisters so we all were good and best friends.

Graduation! It was the worst… we have no highschool in our school so we...cried. My classmates and I went to other schools but we managed to find ways to meet and talk to each other.

JM: Guys, Kailan renuion ??
Ashley: oo nga, kailan ba kayo free?
It was just a week ago after the graduation. Me, Pola and JM have over nine years of friendship.

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Honoring My Grandfather’s 75th Birthday

Maycee Chee

My grandfather’s birthday happened last July 22, 2017. He, Warlito Chee as a retired Navy General and a loving and caring grandfather to me is very sweet and loving. I think I am his favorite because we have the same interests like reading books, literature and I am the one who holds his hand while walking. I was very close to him but my grandmother “Mama” and him moved to Negros, Victorias City to achieve their goals and dreams like owning a sugarcane field now named “Hacienda Haydee’’ after my grandmother, owning a pigery and building our vacation house for us and a house for themselves. They stay here in Q.C. every month to visit us, hangout, going to church and to attend company meetings. Dada as a grandfather to me is the very sweet, loving and caring grandfather to me.

Dada was a Navy General when he was young. I saw his pictures and he was handsome. I think know that he is retired, I think that he misses his job. He told me a story that he went to a submarine but it didn’t drive. His intelligence is still present here and he is the smartest and oldest person that I knew.

Last Saturday is his birthday so I bought him a gift an oval shaped locket like the size of my thumb. That was the biggest locket that I can find in SM Fairview. I choose that because I always hear him that he misses me and I get sad every time he says that. My mom took a stolen shot of me and I while I was paying the locket. The money that I used to pay for the gift was mine. I saved my money since May 2017 and collected 1 800 Pesos and now only 250 Pesos is left.

I remember when we went to Singapore and we visited we are going to visit Universal Studios. My family and I are rushing to get to go to the train. Me and dada did not reach the inside of the train and my mom was talking to me but I could not hear her and she was like saying the place that we are suppose to go. After that a Singaporean was telling me that to not go inside when the door is closing. That was very funny and since that day I was scared of computerized trains.

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A Trip to Hongkong Disney Land

Michael Bohol

Hong Kong Disneyland, a place where magical things can happen. This place is my favorite place in the world because this place is where the princesses and princes meet and greet the people on their kingdom, a place to have fun and get in touch with your inner childhood.

We went to Hong Kong Disneyland because I was so happy. I waved at the girl wearing the purple dress and she blew a kiss to me. I also said whoa! I enjoyed riding anything. Then I took pictures of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. I rode a roller coaster called Star Wars. I also enjoyed Hong Kong Ocean Park. On that day, I was wearing a black jacket and red with a touch of grey colored sneakers.

In December 26-29, 2018 I will soon meet Anna and Elsa on their Winter Day Celebration in Hong Kong Disneyland of course. This will be my next trip outside of the country. I do hope that this day would already come.

*mj’s anecdote isn’t done, one left*

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The Day I Missed the Happiest Moment of My Life

Ashley Quirolgico

I went to Universal Studios in Japan. It was really cold and their were a lot of people so that's like the number one fear of an introvert, I was just petrified. But when I went to look around for cool and fun rides but sadly I had to eat but hey! it's Japan! and food is nice!

So you know those kinds of maps that show you every ride and every food place? well I had one and while waiting for le food I planned the shortest, quickest and easiest route to the Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) 4D ride and after doing so I scarfed down my food as fast as I could But Nooo! I just had to wait for my family so I had to wait some more.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I ran as fast as I could and finally reached it. I was super excited because I got to live my otaku (an otaku is a person who really loves anime also known as me) dreams... but then we were one minute late so I couldn't ride it so I almost cried 'cause I mean really?! just one minute!! why?!. I was really sad, not that kind of normal sad, like that kind of sad that you just lost something extremely valuable, an example would be what if the world had no Wi-Fi for a day? That's how sad I was.

Since my family also felt pretty sad because they knew how important that ride meant to me they allowed me to buy merchandise!. When I was buying merch (let's just call it 'merch' because it's faster and easier to type) It felt like Wi-Fi was just brought back to the world and all the people rejoiced!. If you're wondering what kind of merch I bought I just bought that very overpriced Survey Corp jacket that I always wear, it was practically me baby. That's basically my sad and depressing story I hope this inspired you to never be late! and to visit Japan! 'cause it's like amazing!

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My Family

Michael Bohol

My parents are Plaridel II and Josephine. They are commonly called by their nicknames, Jun and Joy. My father was born in Manila on May 30, 1960. While my mother was born on November 3, 1960 in Catbalogan, Samar. I, the happy boy Michael Juris or MJ was born in Quezon City on November 3, 2003 on the same day my Mama celebrated her 43rd birthday.

I have two stepbrothers. Their dad is my dad, too! One of my brothers is Kuya Israel who will be 35 years old on August 19. The other, 30-year old Kuya VJ, who already has a wife. Her name is Ate Honey. Together they’ve already had a son and a daughter, Brandon and Hannah.

My cousins are Kuya Sam, Kuya Bryan and Ate Syreen. They live with us here in Fairview, Quezon City. They all are students just like me and my buddy Manny. Kuya Sam is studying to be a doctor. Kuya Bryan is already an accountant but is still studying to be a lawyer. Ate Syreen is in grade 11 at St. Mary’s College. Their father, my uncle, and my dad’s younger brother, Tito Sammy.

I also have my best little buddy, Manny. He’s like a real brother to me. He lives with us. We play together. We do our homework together, he joins me in my arts and painting class with teacher Resty. We are one big family. Everyone in our family love each other. If I don’t have family I might feel sad and feel lost.

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